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Le Pigalle

Paris, France


Le Pigalle is unlike your average hotel. Sharing the Pigalle district in Paris with infamous cabarets, sex shops, and young and in-love locals, Le Pigalle is a decadent destination for travellers who want to get away from ingeniune experiences designed for tourists. This is the real Paris, or at least part of it.

Situated on Rue Frochot, the hotel stands tall with potted plants and vines pouring over the window sills. True to the mood of the neighborhood, the sign carrying the hotel’s name--as well as the words “bar,” “hotel,” and “restaurant”--are lit in white neon. This place is different, indeed, but in all the right ways. The concepts of artistic creation, lust, and romance that so many envision when they imagine Paris are present here. Somehow, valuable aspects of the past have stayed in tact at this hotel while they’ve withered away elsewhere in the city.


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