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For hotels where hygiene and safety are passion #1

Valpas is the hygiene protocol that reassures your future guests and keeps your hotel clean from the most uncontrollable: bed bugs.

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Hotel Duxiana, Malmö
a Valpas member hotel

People want to feel safe when away from home

The world has changed. Hotel owners who show the greatest care for the hygiene and safety of guests, will win. The rest will lose.

Uncertainty kills reservations. Guests know star ratings don't keep threats like bed bugs or COVID-19 away. Guests need proof you have everything under control without compromise.

The Valpas Protocol

We transform you visibly into a hotel that does not compromise on hygiene by making you safe from the dirtiest: bed bugs.

Bed bugs are the hardest threat hotel owners need to control. When guests see a hotel safe from bed bugs, guests can trust the hotel to have everything else under control, too.

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“Travelers are more and more anxious about bed bugs. With Valpas, we increase our guest experience by communicating that at the F6 you can stay carefree, before even booking a room.”

Roni Saari, Owner of Hotel F6, #1 in Helsinki


Sleep with a peace of mind

We keep your guests and rooms 24/7 clean of intruding bed bugs with the standard-setting Valpas Protocol. You save high surprise costs and painful headaches. 100% satisfied hotel owners.


Increase direct bookings and ratings

Guests have never been as concerned about safety and cleanliness as they are today. Our timely label for superior hygiene brings you more and better business.

Smart Bed Legs

Protect your priceless reputation

It’s the only solution to bedbugs you need. Keep your rooms preventively clean of intruding bed bugs in a 100% eco-friendly way automatically, before they infest and ruin your reputation.


Contact-free guest experience

Eliminate the need for pest control visits inside your rooms. Free up your housekeepers’ valuable time to clean and sanitise rooms for other viruses they can control.

“This new innovative technology is protecting our hotel and our reputation for the future. The protocol is very efficient and Valpas is a proactive company always ready to help!”

Rita Nouvel, Co-owner of Hotel Keppler, Paris

“I was really surprised how easy Valpas was to install and use—it’s nothing like the tech we normally have. When we have groups that visit, I tell them about our Valpas protocol. Sometimes they think I'm joking, because it just sounds too good to be true.”

Henrik Lind, General Manager of Hotel Royal, #1 in Gothenburg

“The team are real professionals and make your life easier. I recommend Valpas to everyone in the hospitality industry.”

Julien Tisle, GM of Hotel Parc St. Severin, Paris

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