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8 Best hotel bedroom ideas for a five-star experience


Tue, 02 Aug 2022 08:16:55 GMT


Hotel bedrooms are an important part of what makes a trip a memorable experience. Attention to detail is what separates low rated hotels from high rated hotels. A hotel room with its scented pillows, soft bed, embracing robes and moody lighting creates the perfect experience that makes the guest willing to pay a little extra – and possibly return in the future. 

But what is it that makes hotel rooms that special? What is it that creates the luxury experience? The following article shall discuss some of the best hotel bedroom ideas that contribute to the appeal of boutique-style rooms. So, without further ado, let’s get right to it.

#1. Color pallets

Color plays one of the greatest roles in how you feel about a room. Therefore, choosing the right color scheme can add to your room a degree of elegance and luxury. Moreover, the right color is important for inducing sleep. However, the palette for a hotel bedroom idea significantly differs from that of average domestic designs.

For instance, everything in the bedroom has to abide by the color scheme. In other words, the wardrobe, linens, carpet, furniture, lampshades, and walls should match each other.

A Palatable Palette

The basic or foundation tone should be soft. You don't want to make a strong statement with the color. And this applies to the more prominent and permanent items in the bedroom. Such as the curtains, walls, windows, and other major furniture pieces (wardrobe, linen, headboard,).

Here you can choose various tones of white, off-white, and grey, like mushroom, stone, silver, and soft champagne. If you want red then, pale or greyish pink tones are great. Warm blue is another great choice.

For wallpapers

Wallpapers are mostly exclusive to luxurious rooms. Therefore, it can be very effective in giving your home bedroom the feel of a five-star hotel. Needless to say, you should have your wall and wallpaper color matching.


Artsy and colourful wallpapers from Esqina Cosmopolitan Lodge, Lisbon

As for patterns, gentle and soft patterns are always better. Because the bedroom is for resting and relaxation. So, you won't find a quality five-star hotel room that features an exaggerated pattern of the wallpaper.

How to build the scheme?

You can complement your soft tones with contrasting darker structures. Such as fireplace surroundings, side tables, candle frames, and such.

This is also applicable to the outlines of the wardrobe. Bronze and copper metallic structures can work great here.

#2. Make the bed permanently safe from beg bugs

There is nothing more horrible after travelling than returning home with bed bugs – it’s every traveller's worst nightmare. Today, far too many have already fallen victim to them with approx. 40% of European households experience it at least once. Besides mental distress, physical itches and a big disinfection bill the rising health risks involving bed bug bites make it people’s largest silent concern when travelling.


Unlike regular rooms that get infested, Valpas’ smart bed legs capture the first few bed bugs that arrive with guests before infestations. As a result, Le Pigalle Paris is never infested with bed bugs.

Thankfully, hoteliers can come to the rescue and solve this distress from their guests upfront by making themselves permanently safe from bed bugs. Valpas is a new design standard for hotels that frees guests of the bed bugs they may carry, so they don’t travel home and the hotel never gets infested. The standard consists of anti-bed bug bed legs with a Nordic design that connects to a smartphone. Thanks to its dual-purpose – bed bug safety and a bed leg – the standard embeds elegantly into already over 10,000 hotel rooms and is easy to install ahead of an opening, and even easier to maintain after it. Request a sample for your hospitality project here.

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#3. Bed and headboard

First of all, go for the biggest possible bed for your room. Remember the bed is the main featured furniture here. So, if you want to make an empty room look like a luxurious hotel room, then you need to make a luxurious bed.

Not to mention, it should be comfortable enough for undisturbed deep sleep. So, go for the best mattress. Because if you buy one good mattress you won’t spend on one for a long time.


Individually adaptive beds from Duxiana, Malmö

For the headboard, you might want to follow a vertical pattern. Because it will contribute to your room's height. Also, don't hesitate to go for an exaggerated design. Because that's what hotel rooms do. You want to make a strong statement with your headboard, as it is one of the prominent furniture features in your bedroom.

Focus on the upholstery. Make sure it speaks of class and luxury. As for the fabric, silk and velvet have been working great for a long time and still hold the same appeal. Sectioned and button-style headboards are a popular feature of most luxurious hotel rooms. Remember, sectioned headboards go great with small spaces.

However, if you are not comfortable with vertical headboards, then lower and horizontal ones can work great too. In that case, the headboard shall expand beyond the bed on both sides. You can easily use artwork to fill the void above. The lamps, cushions, vases, or other items should be compatible with the headboard. Plus you might also want to install smart legs for your bed to keep it free from bed bugs.

#4. Table and wardrobe

Some chairs and a little table can make a boring bedroom feel like a luxurious hotel room within moments. So, if you have the space and budget, don’t hesitate to go forward.

The best kind of wardrobe for your five-star bedroom will be the less bulky ones. Therefore, in-built ones are the best. Make sure it matches with the other components in the room. Because an awkwardly sticking wardrobe can effectively ruin the mood. Coloring them the same as your walls is a good strategy.


Stylish and handy bench from U14, Helsinki

Your bedside tables should be lower than your bedside. The tables don’t necessarily have to match each other. But they should be proportionate with the bed.

#5. Linen and cushions

Linens are an important part of bedding. So, you want to invest more in it. The best kind is plain with a high thread count. Keep in mind that, like the mattress and pillows, this is also another part of the room that will be directly touching you during sleep. So, go for the best ones.

Linen is the main piece of your bedding. And you can adorn it with an appropriate bedspread, cushion, and blanket. Combine different patterns and textures and try to find an interesting collaboration. Feather-filled cushions in velvet cases can speak more luxury than anything else.


Le lit penthouse de Keppler

Cushions are not permanent items. So, experiment a little with the color. Because you can easily replace it doesn't work for you. And also opt for different sizes. Keep the larger ones in the back and the smaller cushions at the front to create depth.

#6. Window treatments

Curtains, blinds, and shutters all have different effects on the room. For instance, semi-sheer blinds diffuse natural light into space. Plus, they also have a role in climate conservation. So, alongside enjoying a luxury hotel experience, you will also be saving the planet.


Luxurious curtains framing tall window with a great view from Hotel des Saints Peres, Paris

Long full-height curtains will create the well-known five-star hotel bedroom look. Plus, they can add the illusion of an elevated ceiling too. As you are using long curtains, go for plain patterns and textures.

#7. Lighting arrangement

Lighting is a very important aspect of hotel bedroom ideas. The mood and atmosphere you experience in a five-star bedroom have much to do with the lighting. Bedside lamps with appropriate shades are a nice way to enlighten the room at night. Here too, the lamps should be in proportionate size with the bed and headboard.

Reading lights are a suitable addition. Plus, low-glow LED strips also work great with the side tables and the headboard.


Panoramic windows for ultimate natural light access from The Barö, Inkoo

For the ceiling, a chandelier or pendant is the perfect luxury statement. However, don’t make them too bright. Always have the dimmer.

And lastly, candles have been faithfully setting the bedroom atmosphere for centuries. So, they are also a good choice.

 #8. Arts and accessories

Scented Candles are one of the best accessories to have in your luxury bedroom. As mentioned earlier, they can be a beautiful source of light. However, unlit candles with their decorative stands can add much to the visual quality. Similarly, pretty and petite perfume bottles are also wonderful accessories.

A faux fur blanket or a sheepskin rug can add that expensive-looking hotel room fluffiness to your decoration. The commonly available color or texture of such blankets and rugs usually go well with any kind of bedroom interior.


Individually designed room in BOB W., London

On the walls, you can hang a TV if it is that essential for you. But know that it will hamper the natural and mystical flow you have achieved with your other efforts. So, be careful of its placement.  However, if you spend more time looking at the phone or tablet screen, then it's best to leave the TV in the living room.

And in their place, hang mirrors and artworks. The advantage of using mirrors is that it enlarges the space. For instance, you instantly create the feeling of a larger room by placing mirrors on either side of the bed.

For artwork, go for abstract paintings. They look more modern and mysterious. However, paintings with bold line drawings work great too. Some people might prefer to create a mural on their headboard.


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