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Hôtel du Jeu de Paume, Paris: How increased guest safety has brought more and happier customers

Alessandra Mattanza

Wed, 30 Nov 2022 12:22:22 GMT


“We’ve had bed bugs twice. It was a nightmare. We regret Valpas didn’t exist before because when the problem arises, it’s very difficult to solve it. The costs are high, and the customer’s trust is lost. Since we’ve had Valpas, no one has doubted us. Security is guaranteed, and customers have increased".

At 54 rue Saint-Louis en l’Île between the two branches of the Seine nestles the four star Hotel du Jeu de Paume. The hotel lies behind a discreet porch at the end of a paved courtyard where three centuries ago, sounded the steps and shouts of the racket-sport enthusiasts of the time.


Hôtel du Jeu de Paume staff welcomes Valpas

“Every hotel can benefit from Valpas. For us, it was a necessity as bed bugs were carried into the hotel. Knowing that they can arrive with any guest, I strongly recommend hoteliers to invest in it. It’s also a great deal considering the incredible value it brings to the hotel as well as augmenting the quality of our service, which stands at the highest level of health standards and innovation,” Nathalie explains.

Permanent protection from bed bugs in 48 hours with green technology

Valpas means saying goodbye to pest control with toxic chemicals because it ensures permanent protection from bed bugs in 48 hours with accurate, effective, and sustainable technology. As with most Parisian hotels, most of the Hôtel du Jeu de Paume’s guests stay for 3-4 nights so it’s important to take action quickly.  

“We believe in combatting climate change, and Valpas reduces the use of fossil fuels by basing its method and success on pure green technology. In an era where everybody should take action and responsibility, this was a decisional factor for us because we also wanted to be part of the solution, not the problem. According to the Paris Accord, we need to reduce greenhouse emissions at least 55% by 2030 from 1990 levels,” Nathalie says. 


Valpas label on Hotel du Jeu de Paume website

“Pesticides normally used for pest control have a high emission footprint because they’re made of fossil fuels and emit toxins that trap hundreds of times more heat in the atmosphere than Co2. Valpas ensures your rooms don’t need pesticides. This reduces the hotel’s total emissions,” she adds. She also pointed out how important it is for her to have a garden in her hotel with plants, flowers, and trees to keep the environment even more green.

Valpas, superheroes against bed bugs for the peace of mind of every traveler and the hotel

Valpas eliminates the bed bugs that guests may carry into the room with them, allowing guests to return home safely and prevent an infestation in the hotel. It is a “win-win” situation for everyone. 

“After the pandemic, more and more travelers are concerned about safety and cleanliness measures. They ask about Valpas because they see the Valpas logo on the hotel website and the travel platform, valpashotels.com, for safe member hotels. They feel safer,” Nathalie says.

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 For her, it was a fantastic experience to have the Valpas team at the hotel. “They’re the ‘superheroes’ against bed bugs. You sign a contract, and they spend a few days in the hotel. They changed all the bed legs, worked quickly and cleanly, installed software, and demonstrated simply and clearly to the team how to use it. Within a couple of days, any future bed bug problems are resolved! We’re very pleased with their service and are one of the many 100% satisfied clients,” she says.

Bed bugs? Valpas permanently solves the problem for hoteliers

Valpas helped attract even more clients to the Hôtel du Jeu de Paume, which became a member in 2019. Valpas is something hoteliers choose to solve a guest problem so they no longer have to deal with bed bugs. 


Customers' reviews on Hôtel du Jeu de Paume website

“Our hotel philosophy is to attract artistic and creative people from around the world. They can be businessmen and women with awareness for culture and the arts as well as serial entrepreneurs, artists, university professors, and, of course, many tourists,” Nathalie says. “Since we opened, we wanted to be a unique and marvelous Parisian residence mixing history with a contemporary vibe that includes a glass ceiling, abundant light, modern and colorful paintings on the walls, and areas exposing the original brickwork to honor our origins. We wanted to be a place where people could feel welcomed by warm French hospitality and feel completely safe away from home. Valpas was a priority.

Old, new, and, now. The contemporary vibe of Valpas technology

The Hotel Jeu de Paume owes its name to the historical site in which it is located: the last seventeenth-century royal “jeu de paume” or “real tennis” court in the capital. It was built in 1634 by Louis XIII, a keen player who practiced enthusiastically. Matches were played here until 1747. After that, the craze for the game declined and the court was converted into business premises.

Two centuries later in 1987, the majestic three-hundred-year-old beams and stonework caught the eye of architect Guy Prache. He decided to build a hotel while retaining the character of the vast hall, which is listed as a French Historic Monument.


Clean and tidy Hôtel du Jeu de Paume´s room

Today, Valpas combines the hotel’s revolutionary spirit and its ambition to become an even more popular and innovative player in the high-tech world for new generations of savvy travelers.

Family, spirit, vocation. The same philosophy as the Valpas community

Nathalie’s family came to the hotelier profession out of love. “Our concept is to have a family spirit in the building where new and old guests are welcomed like friends. My mother and stepfather started furnishing the hotel and visited flea markets to discover something special and unique. Valpas is also part of this community of travelers that prioritizes safety and cleanness but also the quality and exclusivity of the product and the concept of a good life with a strong work ethic,” she says. 

If the Hotel Jeu de Paume is unique, it is because it is managed by a family who came into the hotel profession out of love for a building they wanted to share with and have their guests enjoy. The warm atmosphere and friendly welcome make you almost forget you are in a hotel. A thirteen-strong team that has all been with the hotel for more than ten years welcomes clients like old friends. Guests also appreciate the numerous services provided by the concierge and never forget to say hello to Lemon, the hotel’s canine resident.


View to the sunny Paris from the hotel

“My favorite rooms?” Nathalie says. “The room with the terrace and the rooms facing the garden. The rooms are all different. It’s difficult to sell them online without explaining them on the website. Every room also has a story. For example, a famous university professor has always chosen Room 007. When he calls, he says, ‘I’m Bond, James Bond. I want my room’.”

A magic box full of surprises, Valpas included

Once through the door, you find yourself in a monumental space organised into secluded, private areas with contemporary decor. Furniture, artwork, and decorative items carefully and tastefully selected entwine the centuries and their styles in a bold and comfortable ensemble in an authentic spirit of understated luxury.

“And, at the top of the experience, we have something special that many hotels still don’t offer - Valpas bioengineered Nordic design bed legs and its incredible technology to keep hotels free from bed bugs and prevent travelers from taking them home,” Nathalie says enthusiastically. 

The Valpas team of scientists and engineers studied bed bug habits for over three years to create the perfect solution.

Valpas, a sexy way to trick bed bugs in the spirit of playful Paris

Nathalie was also fascinated by the scientific research Valpas conducted on bed bug habits. Like COVID-19, bed bugs ‘infect' and tag along with the host to be carried by luggage to and from hotel rooms to people’s homes. 

It has nothing to do with cleanness or disinfecting. Bed bugs can arrive daily. By the time they're discovered, it’s too late because they’re everywhere.

“The design of Valpas bed legs is also sexy. Not only are they designed to efficiently attract bed bugs, but they also have a sophisticated look that complements any style of furniture. The technology behind the bed legs attracts and eliminates bed bugs as soon as guests arrive,” Nathalie says.

Empathy for others – the not-so-secret tip to becoming a successful hotelier

The Hôtel Jeu de Paume is located on the only street that runs along the entire length of the Ile St-Louis in the heart of Paris. “I still hear people from this area say, ‘Today, I have to go to Paris!’ People live here as though it’s still a small village, and they consider the bridge the only connection to the city. In the past, everybody knew each other. That’s changed somewhat, but it’s still a very special place!” Nathalie says. “We’re close to the Notre Dame Cathedral, the Marias district, and the Musée d’Orsay. My favorite places are L’Atelier des Lumières, the Foundation Louis Vuitton, and the restaurant Le Fous de L’ile, which is on the island and has a great French atmosphere.”


Comfy garden nearby

Nathalie has an unconventional approach to her guests. “I like to have curious people as guests, people who enjoy conversations with me and our team. I’m Parisian. I love learning about other cultures. I believe that if you want to be a good hotelier, you must like people. For me, the first priority is not only making money but achieving personal success. Therefore, it’s all about communication, exchange, discussion, and explaining my city to my guests and discovering something about them too.”


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